Marketing Your Communication Skills, The Way Forward!

This century is blessed with great speakers and writers who are upcoming. They know their subject matter but they don’t know where to pitch their presentations or publish their writings.

Every business needs a market to sell her product and services. Just as some company sell products, others sell their services. As a communication expert, your business is to sell your services either as a speaker or consultant and your products which could be books, tapes etc.

Marketing your products and services is not a difficult thing to do. First, you might need a business card handy to give potential clients and if you intend to build a system around your skills, you could consider a company brochure, letterhead etc.

Do your thing well and get testimonials on this, build a website to tell about your services. Make a demo of your speeches and put on YouTube, write to recognized websites like, Get appreciable readers for your writings through this.

You can buy emailing lists, advertise in newsletters, local newspapers and magazines. Book engagements to speak at local events as a moderator, panelist, facilitator, break out session speaker. You can also host seminars, lectures, group discussions and corporate training classes.


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