Master Your Subject Matter, Be a Pro!

There is a huge likelihood that every great writer or speaker writes or speaks on a subject matter of interest to them or their audience. Most likely too, everyone wish they were a professional or better still an authority in their field of interest but only a few attain this feat.

We cannot continue to wish that we were great writers or speakers,
its time we act, more on what we know and also get to know more as we advance in life.

What you don’t have, you cant give, so if you don’t know your subject well, you wont write or talk well about it. Subject matter expertise is attained by carefully following certain principles that really works.

Note that, in fleshing out your expertise, you can start with a typical topic of interest, say business, leadership or communication which I have been dealing with lately. You can go the extra mile by obtaining 4 or more books on your selected topic, it could be latest works or those that stood the test of time. Read those books over several weeks while taking detailed notes. You would have gained a wealth of knowledge to become a pro if you follow this principle.

In this your area of expertise, you can take academic courses, join associations, read magazines and newspapers, attend seminars and lectures and interact with a mastermind group of bright minds in this field of endeavor.

Once you become a master, what you further look out for is how the knowledge you have acquired can solved people’s problems, just like I’m doing, then you can be regarded as a certified professional.


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