Get Rid of Stage Fright, Exude Confidence on Stage!

Stage fright to me seem to be the greatest enemy of a successful presentation. That look on your face when you feel like the ground should preferably open and just swallow you. Most times, no matter how hard you have prepared, you just forget everything you wanted to say and you begin to stutter.

This is a serious virus that eats into the fabrics of the makeup of a presenter and thus facilitates a poor presentation and the truth is poor presentation won’t get you anywhere. Only the best makes the news, even if it doesn’t make the news, it last longer in the memories of people.

I know that you desire to eliminate this menace from your life so you can do well presenting but not so fast. Its not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you listen to great speakers and you feel bad about yourself. Its time to get that menace off your life.

As a person, I battled with this menace for some years until I got the secret. I never imagined that I could speak to a group of 100 people until I did, i didn’t stop at that point, it increased further to a gathering of 300, 1500 & 3000 people and the many people that listen to me on radio. It was indeed a phenomenal transformation for me. You can do it too.

By my experience in presenting, I understand that a great presentation is birthed by content and confidence. I will discuss more about this in future articles.

For the purpose of this article, the best way to get rid of stage fright is to first overcome it in your mind. When you do this successfully, ensure to take constant deep breath to reduce your nervousness and look at the audience over their heads so you don’t lose sight of your thought while presenting. Don’t forget that, you must know your subject well.

I assure you that presenting will be easy if you go this path and if you need further information on effective presentation, contact McRoyal Consults. We are at your service. Cheers & have a great night.


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