When Shimon Peres and Shai Agassi came together to make battery powered electric cars, they had no doubts about it being a success but they had to do a lot of convincing. They had to convince potential investors, authorities that knew so much about the car business and the technologies involved and they had to consider Israel. They considered the risks involved and as technopreneurs, they were ready for them.

Truly, the project was a successful one and it created more economic opportunities for Israel as investors kept coming to visit and do business. Israel experienced a meaningful increase in venture capital as a result of this major startup. Increase in population, major technologies visitations and more entrepreneurs were results from the startups.

From a major startup to large enterprises, technopreneurship is on the constant increase. A kid is probably somewhere right now trying to get a battery powered electric fan working or making another subscriber identity module(sim card).

An entrepreneur is someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity. Technopreneur is a word that only used by Asian countries especially Malaysia and Singapore.

Technopreneurs are entrepreneurs involved with high technology. A technopreneur is creative, innovative, dynamic and very passionate about high technology. They make use of technology to come out with new or innovative products through a process of commercialization.

At the end of the 20th century, there was a rapid advancement in technology, creative innovations and the unlimited potential of the internet. The 21st century has made use of these advancements and innovations to cause an evolution in the way we live. The 21st century demands entrepreneurs who are technically conversant and able to spot opportunities in high tech or high value added products and processes. With the increase of technopreneurs, one can guess that the century probably has a big smile on her face,

As creative minds, technopreneurs have found different ways in changing how the world lives. Call it an upgrading of the entire universe because that is what they have done and are still doing. From the basic household amenities to the highly complicated meta-humans in the world, technopreneurs have made life easier and faster as we all know. From our desktops to the smartphones we carry around, portability has been made evident and impossibility made possible.

There is a call for potential investors, a meaningful increase in venture capital and major technologies visitations due to the influx of technopreneurs in the 21st century.

Technopreneurs affect population positively. With a rise in the populace, entrepreneurs are made too especially young people who will make efforts to garner skills that will make them enterprising and improve their competitive edge in the world.

Technopreneurs have a major say in changing the economic situation of a country by getting a way to compete in a global market place and expanding it. They spot opportunities as quick as it comes. They get the economy moving and keep it moving as it relies amazingly and increasingly on their abilities to pull great ideas out of the lab and into the market place.

The present generations of technopreneurs have ventured into agriculture. Merging agriculture and technology, let’s see what these entrepreneurs have to offer us.

Royal Foundation International is committed to grooming future entrepreneurs like Aliko Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Shimon Peres and so on through her Teens Enterprise Development Fellowship, a project that will groom new generation of Teen Entrepreneurs who will be job creators.

Are you the next technopreneur?


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