Under Which Level of Leadership are You?

We all know leadership is a very important role to play when it comes to managers in the business world. It is even a very crucial role to play when it comes to teachers, coaches, mentors and parents. A leader is someone who is able to make good decisions and inspire others to reach their individual and general goal.

The level of leadership comes handy when it comes to communicating assertively, inspire others and acting towards achieving a common goal. The levels are: -Position, Permission, Production, People and Personhood.

Position: -This has been recognized to be the lowest level of leadership. The only influence the leader has comes by the job title he or she carries around like a banner. It is based on rights granted by the position or title that makes people follow.

If a leader uses position to get people to follow, he or she is no exceptional leader. He is a leader by chance. He is only a boss.

In the Position level of Leadership, he has subordinates and not team members. Followership is within the boundaries of their authority. Anyone can be under this level of leadership. Are you a leader by position?

        Permission: – this level of leadership is based on relationships. It is a little similar to charismatic type of leadership. The leader is made one, or rather, permitted to be a leader either because he treats people like individuals or has a solid relationship with them. He is a leader because he has earned their trust and the people see him as a major influence to them.

        It is a kind of agreement between the people in selecting their leader. It is the leader’s duty to bring them together, to create solid and lasting relationships and to give them hope when it is needed.

        A true and exceptional leader knows more than to be contented with the people’s permission of him. He has to learn the art of true leadership.

        Production: – This is the third level of leadership. This is the level where results are gotten. Goals are achieved whether the environment is pleasant or not. A good leader does not consider the environment, pleasant or not, he considers getting things done.

        Morale goes up, profits increase, goals are achieved, momentum kicks in and work gets done when results are made visible by the leader. It is the productive period and the leader is the change agent.

         Leaders gain influence and credibility, not because of position or permission alone but because of what they have done for the organization. Their ability to proffer solutions to problems and make difficult decisions makes a difference to them and the people or organization they lead.

        People: – Leaders become great because of their ability to empower others. They use their position, relationships and productivity to invest in their followers and develop them until those followers becomes leaders in their own rights. This is a level of reproduction for themselves and for birthing new leaders, exceptional ones at that.

        This is the development of people. Unlike production that wins games, people get Championships.  When the ‘people’ level of relationship, teamwork comes to mind, right? Perhaps, you haven’t thought of it. When there’s a high investment in people, it deepens relationships and strengthens loyalty. With people; position, permission and production comes in easily.

        More leaders are ‘made’ and this increases performance individually and more reward for the organization.

        Personhood: – this level of leadership is the highest, trickiest and most difficult. It cannot be learned but it can be cultivated. It does not require skill but talent. Personhood involves only naturally talented leaders.

        This level of leadership develops the other levels of leadership –it is that tough. It is not just about leading followers; it is about developing leaders to the point where they are able to lead and develop other leaders. Personally, I salute this level of leadership because it takes a lot to lead, talk more of develop leaders from a bunch of followers.

        Under which level of leadership are you? Do you communicate well with others? How close are you to your goals based on these levels? Do you have individual goals as well as organizational goals?

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        Culled from the John C. Maxwell’s ‘The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your



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