Confidence is a fertile land for leadership to grow on. It gives leadership a healthy environment to thrive in. it is one of the basic ingredients for leadership.

Confidence is the reason why a leader is able to conduct meetings with sufficient influence and power. Confidence is the reason why there’s a free flow of communication from a leader to his followers.

The more confidence a leader shows or exudes the more faith the employees or followers have in the capability of the leader in achieving organizational goals.

          A self confident leader has a vision and courage. Without courage, he will not be able to decide, have trust or take necessary and important actions. He must be able to strategize plans with clear ideas for the accomplishments of the company’s goals.

          A self confident leader is confident in communication. He chooses his words and sentences carefully. He communicates effectively through gestures like a wide reassuring smile.

          A self confident leader is a self assured leader. He has sufficient trust and belief in his capabilities and actions. He is hardly affected by the comments of the critics as they very well know how effectively they work.

          A self confident leader is not concerned about how significant he is but how significant others are. He makes them responsible and credible. This makes them feel important for each work they complete.

          A self confident leader is satisfied with leading other people and handling regular risks. He feels positive and self motivated, thereby motivating others around him. He is a go-getter which inspires and influences his team members.

          A self confident leader is able to build and maintain healthy and strong relationships with team members and associates. Strong relationships in turn create a positive work environment.

          In the process of communication, feedback is vital. A self confident leader acknowledges and consent the feedbacks he receives. He puts team member thoughts in functioning. Team member, in turn, provide ideas for improvements.

          What is the point of a self confident leader who can’t identify an opportunity? He recognizes and picks the best opportunities. He remembers that it is his role in the company to bring about success.

          A self confident leader has a strong sense of their values as to what is wrong and what is right. They have a great work ethnic. They embrace risks. They see risks as the time to learn. They are active members in a team. They admit and learn from their mistakes, if one is made.

          Confidence is basic in leading a company and its public through change. Self confidence divides average leaders from great and exceptional leaders.

          Source: WHY CONFIDENCE IS IMPORTANT FOR A LEADER by Krishna Reddy


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