It has been proven and tested in this 21st century that young people should make conscious efforts to garner skills that will make them enterprising and improve their competitive edge in the outside world upon graduation from school.

        Young entrepreneurs aren’t so popular in Nigeria. I mean young entrepreneurs that falls in between the ages of 13-19. Hence, Nigeria has a low number, in statistics, of young problem solvers and job creators.

        The 21st century has been labeled the ‘the entrepreneurial age’ because nations are being shaped by entrepreneurs, men and women who have risked their resources; time, money and energy on establishing and running their own businesses. The unacceptable increase in youth employment, low standard of living and the constant failure of our overdependence on crude oil has led to a renewed interest in entrepreneurship development in Nigeria.

        Young entrepreneurs have the capacity to build a stable economy system in Nigeria with creativity, entrepreneur and global competence skills. These skills will bring the coming prosperity to the Nigeria, West Africa and the world, as a whole.

        At Royal Foundation International, we are set to groom young and future entrepreneurs in Nigeria and West Africa through our Teens Enterprise Development Fellowship, a school based project of RFI in Nigeria, designed to equip students with entrepreneurship skills for success in life as job creators and intrapreneurs in their adult lives.

        There’s no better timing to the opportunities presented by the 21st century than now for young entrepreneurs. Economic growth is generated, expanded and sustained through job creations, introduction of new products and promotion of greater upstream and downstream value-chain activities through entrepreneurs. With the equipping of these teens by TED-F with entrepreneurial and global competence skills, imagine the future of Nigeria; buoyant of course.

        As self starting youths, these job creators are able to tackle the issue of youth unemployment through entrepreneurship which also stimulates economic growth. In simple terms, these youths are responsible to themselves and to their country, Nigeria. Royal Foundation International has been recognized for utilizing global best practices in facilitating personal effectiveness and wealth creation of the future youth population.

        Young entrepreneurs create the knowledge economy which rests majorly on knowledge. The level of economic success received in the knowledge economy is based on effective utilization of intangible assets such as knowledge, skills and innovative potential. The knowledge economy is about creating wealth by bringing together powerful computers and well-educated minds.

        It is time to start ensuring your nation’s future. The change begins with our teens and youths. Without economic reformation, Nigeria remains a land with wasted milk and honey.


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