Programs and Projects

Teen Enterprise Development Fellowship (TED-F)

  • TED-F is a school-based fellowship that is set to educate, incubate and empower teenagers and by this means, we are committed to birthing a new generation of TeenPreneurs and the next generation of business managers and entrepreneurs who are equipped with necessary skills and insight for a successful entrepreneurial pursuit.
  • The fellowship will bring together new generation of teen entrepreneurs into class sessions to learn from our well designed curriculum that covers idea conception and development, business model design, Digital skills etc. The classes will utilize role plays, interactive sessions, group works, and readings as a means to convey knowledge adequately to teen Fellows.
  • The class lessons will be followed closely with field trips to meet with local entrepreneurs, companies and organization facilities. This is an incubation modus.
  • The hallmark of the training is the business plan competition where student participants do their business plans and Business model canvass to present before a panel of judges and compete for a reward.
  • Our winners are recognized as ambassadors and provided with internship opportunity forthwith.

National Leadership Summit (NLS)

  • The National Leadership Summit is an independent project of Royal Foundation International and it is a project set out to provide a workable panacea to the problem of leadership bedeviling Nigeria.
  • NLS is a National re-orientation program that will explore the bottom-up approach of grooming young leaders that would lead Nigeria in the nearest future. We are hopeful that the program will equip them with the culture of probity, accountability and excellent operational framework.
  • During NLS, students will learn about exceptional leadership through panel sessions, speaking classes, breakout sessions and debate competition that will produce the debater of the year.

Royal Mentorship Academy (RMA)

  • This is a psycho-social, cohort-based project for young persons not older than 25 years old with a major focus of providing opportunities for knowledge and opportunity sharing.
  • The overall objective is to ease the identification of individual’s career path by various modules utilizing offline and online apparatus.
  • Young persons who are struggling and embattled, who are necessarily confused about their career paths will gain clarity, make guided decisions and identify steps to take to be a global phenomenon between 1-3 months of a cohort.